I'm here-
the snow falling.
"A stranger is taking off your clothes layer by layer,
seating you in front of the mirror and tempting you
to ask “whose body am I wearing right now?”;
A stranger is quietly writing down your life story, reflecting
on your birthdate, making up the story of the reason
of your death –
a stranger is quietly turning into yourself.”
Sapardi Djoko Damono (via encratic)
"Tears were warm, and girls were beautiful, like dreams. I liked movie theaters, the darkness and intimacy, and I liked the deep, sad summer nights.”
— Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance  (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)
"Each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.”
— Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven (via observando)
"For I have known them all already, known them all—
Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”
— T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Others (via observando)